Swiss Army knife

"The Swiss Army knife
of the event

Easy to use

Fervetopus interface is designed to be easy and intuitive even when using complex funcionalities.

Always, everywhere

A computer and an Internet connection is all you need to use Fervetopus and access your data.

Cost effective

Pay per use and save money. The more you use it the less you pay.


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Tailor make an event

Fervetopus allows you to configure events with great flexibility.

Manage multiple guest types and happenings
Set fee rules
Sell at different prices in different time periods
Limit availabilities on selected services and events
Build tourist packages and more

Communicate effectively

Fervetopus helps you improve your user and client relationships.

Customize the communication processes
Share information updated in real time
Offer each participant a personal page for access to documents, information and to make further requests and purchases
Integrate messages with online social networks
Brand all your emails
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Build and publish forms online

Build your forms to your needs and taste.

Define text contents and choose the graphical layout
Ask any questions, even selectively for each guest type or based on answers to other questions
Get ready for mobile: users can see your forms perfectly on different devices, like smartphones, tablets and ordinary computers

Get electronic payments

Fervetopus lets you receive payments by multiple means.

Configure offline bank transfer and online electronic transactions for each event
We support a wide range of bank systems and of course PayPal and Google Checkout
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Booking of accommodations

Offer your participants a booking service for accommodations fully integrated with the registration process.

Manage your hotel allotments and rates with a tool that let you configure simple or sophisticated price policies
Build packages with technical visits, social programs, tours, promotional products and so on

Socialize your customers

Let your users and clients get in touch with each other and with you through social networks.

Get new opportunities to expand your audience
Let your participants enjoy an easier authentication process through their favourite service providers (Facebook, Google, Yahoo), instead of forcing them to use new login credentials just for your website
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Feature image

Advertise on your form

Publish advertisements on your forms to increase revenues from sponsors.

Get customers informed about what you think they can be interested in
Take advantage of Google AdSense or your favourite online advertising service

Technical Information

  • Multilingual form creation
  • Sophisticated conditional questions
  • Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 6+ and all the new standard compliant browsers
  • Mobile support for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Fully integrate the registration process into the event website
  • Easily customize the graphic design of your form
  • SSL encryption for data exchange
  • Secure payment processes
  • PayPal integration
  • Configure a different ecommerce account for each event
  • Create a personal account for attendees and let them buy on after registration
  • Set selling times for each price
  • Limit fee availability on quantity, time and guests
  • Create and send via email participant badge
  • Participants check-in with QR code
  • Export attendee data in Excel or XML files
  • Send data to Google Apps services
  • Import participant lists from Excel files
  • Share attendee data with your principal and among participants
  • Personalize and brand all your email messages
  • See reports of all your events


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Where can I download it?

You won't need to dowload anything! Fervetopus is cloud software: that means that you can use it from anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection. Moreover, updates are completely automatic, you won't even notice them... apart from getting a better and better tool every day.

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How much does it cost?

Fervetopus is very competitve. We offer pay per use solutions to fit different needs. Get in touch to have a custom offer for you.

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Which languages are supported?

At present Fervetopus speaks English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan. But it is very fond of learning new ones! Just ask us: new languages can be added easily.

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Can I customize it?

The pages you create are completely customizable, both in the graphical skin and in the text contents: it depends on your fantasy! Moreover, if you need special features to support your processes we can offer you a specialized customization service.

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Can I create the website for my event?

Fervetopus is specialized in the configuration of the registration process, it is not a generic website creator. But it can be easily embedded into a page on your site; or we can create a brad new website for your event, fully integrated with the registration process.

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And what if I need help?

We offer training and support on site, by telephone, Skype and email. You will find professionals committed to help you to enjoy the best experience with our product and to grow your business by improving practices and productivity.

Get in touch

We would like to hear from you if you feel that Fervetopus can suit your needs.
Contact us also for more information, pricing and partnership ideas.